What better time than now to hire a planner.

Making sure all your contracts have thier t’s crossed and i’s dotted and understanding any underlined concerns and how to recover stress free.¬†

The reality that many brides and grooms who have spent months planning spring and early summer weddings now face due to the the COVID 19 pandemic¬† that’s currently sweeping the globe and the restrictions on gatherings and travel that have been put in place to curb the spread. Though this is an undoubtably difficult decision to make, and thought of re-planning the celebration you’ve already worked so hard on can feel overwhelming, you will get through it. Instead of panicking, it’s time to plan.

We are fortunate to have a great community of vendors in the industry that are easy to work with. I encourage those that are concerned and have dates approaching to reschedule, don’t cancel! Let this be a time to connect with your friends and family, and remember that what’s important is honoring the love between you both. Weather minimizing the size of your event, or deciding to elopement. Your love for each other is your main focus.

When you have a new date in mind, touch base with your day-of vendors to confirm their availability. Prioritize your vendors that you can’t live without starting with your photographer, videographer, band or dj. Let your florist know asap your new date so any preordering of specialty flowers isnt a issue which can change costs.

Call your reception venue to find out which future dates they have available. It’s important to be open to Fridays, Sundays, and off peak months. Later in the season or next year is safer. Noone would want to go through the stress of rescheduling more than once. As this situation has grown, more and more people are looking to reschedule, which means that dates with venues can be competitive, even during the lower season.

As you narrow down your new date with your venue and other vendors, confirm the date change in writing. Immediately ask for a contract addendum or other guarantee in writing that they are at least holding the date for you, if not securing it entirely.

Make sure you have an email response with them to confirm one way or another. Even in the case that a new date is not scheduled, it is important that every vendor receives an email stating the intention to postpone right away, and make sure to receive written confirmation that the vendor is aware of the pending date change.

Stay positive, visualize what you want, remember what truly matters. If your in need of help during this unpredictable time please reach out.

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