Staying Current

This year we’re excited to embrace 2020. There’s something special about the date, right?! That said, we can’t help but feel excited about saying goodbye to everything we witnessed in weddings this past year.

In 2019 we saw couples embrace pampas grass décor, and acrylic signs to brides opting for colored wedding gowns, and customized denim jackets.

Ceremonies including their beloved dogs and llamas taking part in wedding celebrations.

With last years trend, I still feel a personal connection, for my love for velvet linens and tapered candlesticks because it reminds me of my Mother.

It’s been a trending signature design of mine that I will have a hard time letting it go of, even with other local vendors now incorporating it to their settings.

The biggest trend this year is the non-traditional flower. Traditional fresh flowers, dried flowers, and palm leaves, dyed pampus grass are in—sometimes painted or bleached and, sometimes, left natural. Mixing fresh with dried flowers to create texture and demention.

One of my favorite Floral Designers is the inspiring, Bea De la Roca of Addy Florales located in Guatemala. She is an amazing creative that is a current trend setter. She caught my attention on Instagram with her talent, but having my spouse be Guatemalan makes me feel a vibrant connection.

Greenery is still having a moment. Not just in florals but in draping, ceiling treatments, and furniture too. Living in the Ancient Redwood forests of Humboldt County, one of my favorite ways of incorporating greenery is by foraging through the forest for its abundance of evergreens, ferns, huckleberry, manzanita and bay.

With Above and Beyond Creations as your coordinator and designer we love to be inspired by our clients and explore their vision and incorporate the latest trends that fit the client and space
while staying organic and innovative.

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